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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Being a responsible person .... an autism social story

Sometimes I am asked to do things that I don't want to do. Everyone has to do things they don't want to do sometimes. This is what it means to be a responsible person. It may not be fun but everyone is responsible to do things they don't like to do.
Sometimes mom has to cook dinner when she doesn't want to. This may be her responsibility. Sometimes dad has to go to work when he doesn’t want to. This may be his responsibility. Sometimes I have to do lessons at school that I don't want to. This is my responsibility. Even though I don't want to do lessons or go to Saint Rose, it is usually best to be responsible and do what is asked. Everyone has to do things they don't like to do some of the time. This is what it means to be responsible.

When it is time to do something that I don't want to do, I may feel like running away or leaving the group. It sometimes makes me feel __________ when I have to do something that I don't like to do. Even though I feel __________ I need to remember that if I just try it will make everything better in the end.

Everyone will feel happy that I tried my hardest even when it was something I did not want to do. I will try to remember that I am a smart kid who has great ideas that help other kids. These kids help Mick and Brianna understand the lesson at Saint Rose. I will try to remember that trying my best even when I don't like the work makes teachers and parents and other kids feel happy. It makes people sad when someone interrupts the lesson by leaving the table or yelling out. I will try to control my feelings and ask for help if I need it. This will show everyone that I am responsible.

When I try my best, stay with the group and do my work I get to have choice time. When I don't try my best or leave the group then I need to finish my work during choice time. It makes me feel __________ to lose choice time. I always have interesting stories or information to share with everyone. I like to play games during choice time. But I can't get to choice time without participating in the other activities first. This is what it means to be responsible.

Children....are the best gift of GOD....

If there is one painting that impressed me the most....it was this one above,which my son had painted for me on my birthday...whenever I feel down,I just look at the magical innocence in this painting....it just brings back all that optimism from within....children are the best gift of GOD to us in this life.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

WHONET Training Programme at Sankara Nethralaya

The World Health Organisation (WHO) office for South East Asian Region Organization (SEARO) has identified the L&T Microbiology Research Centre, Vision Research Foundation, Sankara Nethralaya to conduct the WHONET training programme for five days (21-25 March 2011) for 20 participants (Middle level Microbiologists) from SEARO countries.

WHONET is an information system developed to support WHO’s goal of global surveillance of bacterial resistance to antimicrobial agents. Microbiologists, clinicians and infection control workers may use its software to enhance monitoring of drug resistance in their hospitals and communities and to merge their files into national, regional, and global networks for surveillance of drug resistance.

The WHONET training programme, titled “Bi-Regional Workshop on Laboratory Based Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance,” will enable microbiologists and other infectious disease specialists gain new analytical tools to monitor and manage susceptibility test quality and the spread of drug resistance locally and outside their area.

There will be five facilitators, from the from WHO SEARO office, who will be involved in conducting this programme. Dr. H. N. Madhavan and Dr. K. Lily Therese from the L&T Microbiology Research Centre have been nominated by WHO SEARO office as temporary advisers to conduct the training programme. In addition, Dr. J. Malathi, Dr. B. Mahalakshmi and Dr. R. Bagyalakshmi will act as supportive faculty.

Remembering & Honoring Friends of Sankara Nethralaya

An old lady donating her savings to a cause rather than to the temple at Tirupathi; the numeorus benefit concerts rendered by the legendary MS Subbulakshmi in aid of Sankara Nethralaya; a bereaved father setting up an institute at Sankara Nethralaya in memory of his son … these and many more acts of generosity that have been pivotal to the growth of Sankara Nethralaya were recalled at the ‘Friends of Sankara Nethralaya’ event held at the institution on March 5, 2011.

Throwing light on the difference Sankara Nethralaya’s services has made on those affected with visual ailments, especially the underprivileged, Dr. Tarun Sharma, Director, fund-raising, spoke on the impact society’s support has had in propelling Sankara Nethralaya to continue in its path of service.

Forty individuals were awarded the ‘Friends of Sankara Nethralaya Award’ for their unflinching support in the recent past.

The numerous upcoming projects of the institution, including the new hospital at Kolkata and the mobile comprehensive care unit, were touched upon by Dr. Rashmin Gandhi, Director, The Sankara Nethralaya Academy. Dr. Gandhi also highlighted the institution’s growth in all its areas of functioning – patient care, community services, education and research.

Guests of honour, Mr. Surendra Mehta, Lion P Haridas, Mr. Ajit Choradia and Mr. Pyarilal Pythalia praised the yeomen service and initiatives undertaken by the institution in alleviating blindness in India.

“Lifetime Achievement Award” to Dr S S Badrinath

Chairman Emeritus Dr. SS Badrinath was presented with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Governor Surjit Singh Barnala in recognition of his pioneering work in ophthalmology. The award was presented at the Prof. M. Viswanathan Gold Medal Oration 2010 under the aegis of the MV Hospital for Diabetes held in Chennai on March 13, 2011.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Inspiration is lost by Imitation ….

Recently there was a news article in The Telegraph,Kolkata edition about the flourishing business in the murky world of fakes.The article spoke about the fake paintings and art of Rabindranath Tagore up for sale and the manner in which a section of public went about buying out those for their personal collections.Well one should say certainly that was an eye opener for many,but as we dwell deep in to the psyche of an Indian Middle Class for that matter even Upper Middle Class,the fantasy for fake is deep within and infact that not only applies to paintings and art,but also many other products starting from household articles to electronic goods….infact there are many who would prefer the Chandni Chowk,Palika Bazar and ofcourse the famous Chor Bazar at Delhi over an authorized showroom as that would help out in cutting corners in many ways.The Indian Psyche is not new to the copy,paste concept,right from the TV Serials,Reality Shows,Talk Shows and of course the Movies.We are quite used to copying concepts from west and presenting them in a innovative fashion, so that it looks like a product of our own labour.Maybe the mistake is many fail to use the word,Inspiration.Instead of saying copied,when we say it’s inspired the copy becomes authentic !! atleast for many of us….
An unknown author once said , “ Innovation happens through Invention” maybe we should add to that , “Inspiration is lost by Imitation”